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          Odor and VOCs Treatment

          In the field of municipal sewage, sludge treatment, sanitation (including garbage collection, leachate, transfer station), light industry, chemical industry, etc., a certain amount of malodorous or toxic and harmful gas will be produced during production and treatment, which will not only cause serious damage to the ecological environment, but also make great harm to human health. The use of deodorizing equipment for the centralized treatment of odor pollutants can effectively reduce the content of odor and toxic and harmful gases in the exhaust gas.

          In Guangdong Southern Environmental Protection Biotechnology Co., Ltd. our main deodorization equipment including biofilter deodorization equipment, biological trickling filter deodorization equipment, biological soil filtration deodorization equipment, chemical deodorization equipment, ion deodorization equipment, photocatalytic oxidation, Activated carbon adsorption, adsorption concentration-storage catalytic combustion equipment .We can treat not only the odor generated by sewage treatment facilities, but also other varieties of organic and inorganic waste gases. The removal rate of small molecular weight hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, benzene, toluene, o-xylene, etc. is 95% to 99.9%.

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